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Hosting V.I.E. or Local Collaborators

If you plan to recruit a V.I.E. (Volontaire International en Entreprise) in Canada without having a structured local subsidiary to attach them to, you will need to engage the services of a local hosting structure that will act as a mentor to the V.I.E. in the eyes of Business France and as its employer in the eyes of Canadian Immigration.

Adexia's business center, recognized by Business France as an authorized host for V.I.E. in Canada, fulfills both roles. We provide V.I.E. hosting solutions in Montreal and Toronto.

We also offer to welcome your local collaborators, regardless of their status (locally recruited, employer of record, seconded, or expatriate) in our Montreal offices.

Download our HOSTING offer for more information.

goal n°1

Assist the employer and the V.I.E. in the preliminary steps of the mission (immigration, onboarding, mobility,...).

goal n°2

Provide an ultra-stimulating work environment and exceptional infrastructure in our new-generation Co-Working facility, Fabrik8.

goal n°3

Support and coach the V.I.E. or the collaborator in their mission to optimize their integration and performance in the Canadian ecosystem.

Our hosted companies

Pierre Tremblay_edited.jpg
Following the preliminary mission carried out by Adexia on the first market contacts, I was able to quickly launch my commercial actions upon my arrival. Many thanks for their expertise and coaching!

Pierre TREMBLAY, Business Developer at Simpliciti

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