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Merger and Acquisition

External growth is a powerful way of accelerating your development in existing or new markets. Whether you are looking to rapidly acquire production facilities, infrastructure, expertise or a local customer portfolio, acquiring a company in Canada can meet all your strategic needs. It's just a question of finding the right fit!

Our M&A offer allows for comprehensive identification and qualification of Canadian targets based on criteria (size, industry, expertise, location, etc.) that you have defined.

We then guide you through the various stages of the acquisition project with the support of our legal, tax, accounting and financial experts, all of whom are experienced in transatlantic transactions. 


Finally, we serve as your intercultural advisor and interpreter to facilitate communication with your targets during the approach and negotiation phases, ensuring that the process leading up to the final closing runs as smoothly as possible.

goal n°1

Validate project feasibility and define precise criteria for selecting acquisition targets

goal n°2

Research, qualify and approach targets meeting these criteria.

goal n°3

Build and manage the multi-disciplinary team that will accompany you through the LOI, due diligence, negotiation and financing phases.

Our clients testify

Logo d'EMPAC Solutions
Thanks to Adexia, the Empac group was able to acquire two sites in Laval (DIECO EMPAC and MATRIMAX). This after having developed upstream commercial exchanges with my company in Europe EMPAC Solutions and thus facilitating customer relations. The quality of the exchanges and analyses was much appreciated. Thank you!

Emmanuel BEQUET, EMPAC Group President, 2021

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